CS5: There are no destinations for Code Navigator to show for this selection.

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This is driving me nuts! and i can’t seems to find any solution on google or adobe detailing this problem.

Using CS5 Dreamweaver, and out of a suddenly, with no exact indication of means to always replicate this problem, on mouse click on code, this dialog box will always appear, which no means to turn it off. the problem go alway only after i restart mac, restarting dreamweaver don’t help. i can’t seems to find the corresponding process in activity monitor which may help.
If anyone encounter such problem, and know a fix for it, will greatly appreciate sharing this, so that i can update this article for the good of everyone!

cs5 (dreamweaver and other product) maybe feature packed, if not for dreamweaver’s autocompleter, i may very well be going back to mx or cs3. all other feature’s don’t really appeal to me.

UPDATE: Thanks to MyWebsiteSpot.com from MyWebsietSpot.com who posted the comment in this post sharing why this happened! Just saved my day!! So wonder why i cannot find this any were else on google!

“Its a conflict between Things and Adobe products, it also effects PS somehow. If you use the Ctr+Alt+Space shortcut it starts the conflict. Reboot and when you use the program called “Things” try and refrain from that quick entry shortcut until Adobe and Things comes up with a conflict fix. They are aware of it.”

UPDATE 2: I have confirmed this issue is caused by using “Show and Autofill” shortcut from Things, in fact, it may actually cause the whole range of Adobe CS5 products to become cranky! Photoshop cannot find it configuration file, etc etc. Adam Taylor from MyWebsietSpot.com pointed out a Adobe forum thread discussing this issue, and from there, you can find a adobe support ticket which ridiculously says that we need to wait for Apple to release a fix.

Few of the other issues noted from the ticket page:

  • The warning, “Delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings file?” appears when you open Photoshop.
  • The startup screen reads White Rabbit, instead of Photoshop CS5, and looks different.
  • Tools behave as if the Shift or Option keys are pressed.
  • Your cursor remains the plug sign (+).

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