Mac: Coverting from Outlook to Mac Mail

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so like i said in the previous post, i m migrating to mac, and having email being a important communication with my clients, i desperately need to export my mail over to mac and start getting things gng here.

so being desperately googling around for a tool which can convert outlook pst to something mac mail or ms entourage can read.. seriously they should allow direct import from pst.. well.. sadly, i cannot find any free tool, but then found this O2M by

it cost US$10, which i can consider is pretty cheap considering it let u test to make sure your outlook works well with the program and create sample mbox file for u to test importing into mac mail. if you are looking for something to convert from outlook to mac mail, i can say, look no further, jus pay that 10 bucks and get it done, i spent the whole nite and this is really the best solution already. work very smoothly for me.

the only thing that can be improved is if it can directly create sub folders for entourage, not too sure mac mail have sub folders, haven really try it out, but yes, if the folder structure can be retained that will be the best.

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Mac: Switching off the Startup Sound of Mac OS X

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i recently jus migrate over to mac. apple is more healthy than anything else.

but then there is this thing tat is very irritating, the loud startup sound. that u cannot really switch off, it still jus blast away even when you earpiece is plugged in, so did a goggle search and found this cool website which have a plug-in to system preference which will do just the job!

check them out.
you can switch off the startup sound, or adjust the volume to way max of too soft. or u can even mute it, which is very much the same as disabling the startup sound.

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