Thoughts on the iPhone 4S

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It’s all disappointment, with Apple shares dropping 5% on the supposedly disappointing iPhone 4S launch. The lack of a new design iPhone 5 seems to dry the desire to buy this new iPhone. Like what Jonathan mentioned, People that say “meh” to the iPhone 4S are just unhappy that it looks like an iPhone 4, which means that its not a status symbol upgrade.

But quite frankly, the way i look at it, this iPhone is going to be another big hit. It’s going to be a very big hit because of Siri. Just check out this video i embedded on a post by 9to5mac a few days ago.

Look at how they are changing AI. It’s like reinventing interaction with your phone, all over again. We can expect an API to come before iOS6 or maybe even in iOS 5.2 – giving developers power to tap on the AI of Siri to bring apps interaction to a new level. Imagine dictation. Imagine how transcribing is going to be a thing of the pass! and how people are going to compose messages on the move. reply messages while jogging!

Open a file by speech, launch presentation, move presentation slides. Pop up relevant images, videos or website half way through a presentation. Wow, imagine the possibilities!

it’s endless.

So if you think that iPhone 4S is just another iPhone 4, think again. It’s probably the first step to evolving your phone, into a buttonless screen, mic and speaker only device.
“Volume Up”. “Take a snapshot”. “Shoot video”. “Lock Screen”. “Delete this photo”. “Unlock screen”. “Switch to silent”.

Now imagine they add voice recognition such that command will only obey your voices. It’s blowing me away already!

iPhone Apps: iTunes on fivoca

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stumble on this pretty interesting website that let you browse top ranking free/paid/grossing apps for the different countries that have itunes, for apple iphone, ipad and mac apps.

browse application through their screenshots, i personally love the photography category, allowing me to browse through all the camera sample screenshots instead of having to guess them from their icons and figure what type of lenses or effect it may offer!

worth the checks!

iPhone 4: Fixing the home button

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my iPhone 4 home button have been unresponsive and is confirmed a hardware issue. my back panel is actually lose and i can shift i slightly up and down against its metallic frame. so i suspect is some mechanical fault, or something loose that is causing the button to be not responsive. i can only get response by pressing from a certain angel or in certain time of the day!

so, now it’s fix! for the adventurous only.
unscrew the 2 screws at the bottom of your phone, push the back panel slightly up, it will move a bit and you can remove the back panel already. or simply follow the photo illustration from ifixit here.

then put a small piece of paper between the back panel and the area directly behind the home button. apparently that added pressure is needed for the home button sense to work!


Google Calendar on iPhone

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Since iOS 3.0, CalDAV was introduced allowing Google Apps Calendar or Google Calendar to be used to sync with iPhone calendar. The setup is pretty straight forward. But the tricky part is figuring out how to access the Shared Calendar of your friends that you have added to your calendar!

But just for the record, here’s how you can add your Google Apps Calendar into your iPhone.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  3. Under Accounts, select Add Account….
  4. Choose Other.
  5. Under Calendars, select Add CalDAV Account
  6. Enter the following details:
    User Name: (Google Account or Google Apps Email Address)
    Password: your password
    Description: My Gapps CalDAV (or whatever name that’s suitable)
  7. Click on Next on top of your screen.

You Gapps CalDAV will be setup and ready to go in your Calendar. However, it will by default be opening only your own calendar. So how do you sync your shared calendar too!

Simple! Just go to:
while logged into your Google Account or Google Apps Account. You will then be given the option to select or uncheck calendars appearing in your Google Calendar you will want to have them sync-ed on your iPhone.
Google Apps User can go to
replacing ‘’ with your actual Google Apps domain name. I have tried simply using the link above, and all is fine too.

iPhone: Hotmail on iPhone

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apple just made hotmail on iphone even easier with iPhone OS 3.0!
have added the print screen and instructions on how to add.

Go to “Settings”, “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”,

Select “Add Account…” under Mail,

Select “Other”,

Choose “Add Mail Account”,

Enter your account info, note that address to be your full or address, as shown,
click on “Save” and the account will automatically be configure, setup and verified.

Once verified, you shall see the following information under your Hotmail account settings.

and you are good to go!, sadly, hotmail only have support for POP, lagging IMAP, meaning no synchronization. well, pretty microsoft.

then for those who wants to setup Hotmail on Apple Mail, i assume you are a proficient enough user to no need print screens, the information are as follows:
Incoming Server: (Port 995)
username: OR
Outgoing Server (SMTP Server): (Port 25)
Make sure SSL is checked, your outgoing port is 25 and authentication is required.

If anyone need a step by step with print screen, post in comments and i will add it in.

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iPhone: Screen Capture on iPhone

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wow, quite impressive, i didn’t know i can do this!
i was pressing on the home button on the iphone when i accidentally hit the off button, and the screen goes into a flash. so i was like, what’s this!? my iphone was in the silent mode then, so today, i was bored and was trying to figure it out, it goes *click* jus like the sound mac will produce when u do a screen capture! and volia, it capture the screen and store it in the photos.

To capture screen in iPhone,
Press the Power button followed by the Home button, the screen will flash and volia, you have it in your photos.

iPhone: Backup while Sync-in

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to stop backing up when syncing iphone,

close itunes, and enter the following command into terminal.
defaults write DeviceBackupsDisabled -bool YES

to enable back, same thing, close itunes and enter the following command into terminal.
defaults write DeviceBackupsDisabled -bool NO

tat’s all folks