iPhone 4: Fixing the home button

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my iPhone 4 home button have been unresponsive and is confirmed a hardware issue. my back panel is actually lose and i can shift i slightly up and down against its metallic frame. so i suspect is some mechanical fault, or something loose that is causing the button to be not responsive. i can only get response by pressing from a certain angel or in certain time of the day!

so, now it’s fix! for the adventurous only.
unscrew the 2 screws at the bottom of your phone, push the back panel slightly up, it will move a bit and you can remove the back panel already. or simply follow the photo illustration from ifixit here.

then put a small piece of paper between the back panel and the area directly behind the home button. apparently that added pressure is needed for the home button sense to work!


Mac: Disk Utility, Format Fail

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I see a lot of post or google results when i try to google: “file system formatter fail”.
i got this error when i was trying to format my 1 Tera Maxtor HDD to be Mac OS Extended (Journaled), the problem here is, it a previously a MS-DOS(FAT) format. So the partition is actually Master Boot Record for booting into DOS or Windows based computer.
To solve this, you will realise you have gotten that extra “Partition” tab along with the “Repair”, “Erase”, “Raid”, “Restore” tabs. Go to that tab and then under the advance option, select your partition to be “GUID”.
And tada, you will be able to properly format your HDD to Mac OS Extended.

Quite dump on Disk Utility to not automatically resolve this problem.

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How To: Fix ThinkPad Keyboard Beep

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okie, first post, i jus formatted my thinkpad t60. and the first thing that was totally irritating is the beeping sound whenever 3 or more keys are pressed.

so here’s how you can disable it.

1. Open the Device Manager. You can do this from My Computer -> Properties -> Hardware -> Device Manager.

2. Show Hidden Devices. You can do this from View -> Show hidden devices.
Okie, this part is quite important, cos if u miss this step, u cannot really proceed further.


3. Under Non-Plug and Play Drivers, open the properties for Beep. Go to Driver -> Stop, and the beeping will cease.
You can also Disable the device from starting up by Selecting Disabled in the startup type dropdown list.

Source: Elliot Lee

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