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2Wire Network Issue

Just bought a new MacBook Pro with Retina Display recently, and when setting up, my 2Wire Wireless Modem dropped fibre connection and need to be reset.
As i have another MacBook that i am now using to run as backup server and other cron job, my Pro and MacBook is connected together through a network switch. Somehow every time i disconnect my Pro from this switch to go purely on home wireless network, 2wire will crash.

Ok, if you don’t understand what i am saying above, just ignore it.
I google and some says to uncheck “Packet Flood” under the Firewall Settings. Sadly, this have become an advance option for my 2wire router.
I am in Singapore with Singtel Fibre on the Black 2Wire Pace 5012 Box, not sure if it will works for other provided or make.

Go to, http://gateway.2wire.net/singtel. you will be prompted for a technician password. Enter “techsupport” without the quotes.
The advance options will be made available. Do note that these are advance options, and is not supported by Singtel, so proceed at your own risk.

I will be testing for a couple of days with Packet Flood disabled and see if it help solve the issue.

2Wire really need to conform to networking standard and not continuously suck up to telco configuration. argh.

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