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Thoughts on the iPhone 4S

It’s all disappointment, with Apple shares dropping 5% on the supposedly disappointing iPhone 4S launch. The lack of a new design iPhone 5 seems to dry the desire to buy this new iPhone. Like what Jonathan mentioned, People that say “meh” to the iPhone 4S are just unhappy that it looks like an iPhone 4, which means that its not a status symbol upgrade.

But quite frankly, the way i look at it, this iPhone is going to be another big hit. It’s going to be a very big hit because of Siri. Just check out this video i embedded on a post by 9to5mac a few days ago.

Look at how they are changing AI. It’s like reinventing interaction with your phone, all over again. We can expect an API to come before iOS6 or maybe even in iOS 5.2 – giving developers power to tap on the AI of Siri to bring apps interaction to a new level. Imagine dictation. Imagine how transcribing is going to be a thing of the pass! and how people are going to compose messages on the move. reply messages while jogging!

Open a file by speech, launch presentation, move presentation slides. Pop up relevant images, videos or website half way through a presentation. Wow, imagine the possibilities!

it’s endless.

So if you think that iPhone 4S is just another iPhone 4, think again. It’s probably the first step to evolving your phone, into a buttonless screen, mic and speaker only device.
“Volume Up”. “Take a snapshot”. “Shoot video”. “Lock Screen”. “Delete this photo”. “Unlock screen”. “Switch to silent”.

Now imagine they add voice recognition such that command will only obey your voices. It’s blowing me away already!

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