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Web: Facebook Share Button Generator

Ok, so i decided to write a generator myself! and here goes…





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  1. VulgarBulgar 11/05/04

    Thanks! Have been looking for this since only the LIKE button is available now, which doesn’t give the comment option and image select prior to posting!

  2. Phil 11/08/30

    Oh man you saved the day! Couldnt get it working on my – Dota 2 Site till now! THANKS!

  3. Patrick 11/12/06

    Looks like the generator is broken :-(

  4. Steven 11/12/06

    hey Patrick, thanks for pointing out!! let me try to get this fixed asap. will drop you a comment reply after i am done.

  5. Steven 11/12/06

    Hi Patrick, have fixed the issue!
    Really appreciate you pointing out. Thanks.
    Have a great week ahead :)

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