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How To: Fix ThinkPad Keyboard Beep

okie, first post, i jus formatted my thinkpad t60. and the first thing that was totally irritating is the beeping sound whenever 3 or more keys are pressed.

so here’s how you can disable it.

1. Open the Device Manager. You can do this from My Computer -> Properties -> Hardware -> Device Manager.

2. Show Hidden Devices. You can do this from View -> Show hidden devices.
Okie, this part is quite important, cos if u miss this step, u cannot really proceed further.


3. Under Non-Plug and Play Drivers, open the properties for Beep. Go to Driver -> Stop, and the beeping will cease.
You can also Disable the device from starting up by Selecting Disabled in the startup type dropdown list.

Source: Elliot Lee

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  1. Patrick 08/09/16

    You are awesome.

    This thing always irritated the CRAP out of me when writing/listening to music with headphones on.

  2. john 09/01/11

    thank you! friggin’ IBM. wtf were they thinking?

  3. Andreas 09/05/24

    Does this also stop the error or just the beep? because if i press multiple keys together i get the beep error and some of them are not pressed. I want to disable the beep but still get those keys pressed if u know what i mean (sorry for my english)

  4. Steven 09/05/24

    Hi Andreas, yep, this totally removing the beeping sound, even when error occurs.
    Seems like there no direct way to selective filter the beep sound at this moment.

  5. James 10/01/04

    Words cannot adequately describe the serenity I felt just now as I repeatedly mashed my keyboard with my palm. All that resulted was a string of nonsense text– no honking bleep nearly blowing out my speakers.

    You are a saint. Thank you.

  6. Steven 10/01/04

    James, you are most welcome!!

  7. geoff_trek@hotmail.com 11/11/06

    you are a god. thank you. drinks on me if you are ever in cambridge.

  8. geoff_trek@hotmail.com 11/11/06

    will never ever buy another lenovo product

  9. Perry 13/06/16

    Dude – thanks so much – frigging amazing. God this has been annoying me for the last few years until i cracked it today.


  10. Shobhit 13/10/15

    hi elliot, ive got a lenovo L420 with windows 8. Im having the same problem and tried doing it by your method but there is no option ‘Non-Plug and Pay drivers’ when i change the setting of my device manager to show hidden devices. it would be really helpful of you if you could look into it…

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