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How to: Connection Tray

Had being having this weird issue of connection tray not responding on shutdown and prior to this usually come with lose of internet connection. where the network adapter seems to have weird issues, is like the interface software hanged.

did some googling and found this.. changed the stuff but ain’t sure if this will works. will update.

Go to Start -> Run -> type in “msconfig”
The “System Configuration Utility” window will pop up.
Go to the “Services” tab then scroll down looking for “Telephony” which is very much useless! just uncheck it, click “OK” then you should be good to go!

microsoft is really crap 100% of the time.

update: the method didn’t really help, as i later realise “Telephony” is needed for modem connection, i am using Vodafone GSM Modem. argh. so this don’t solve the problem at all. and i still cannot find the irritating problem.

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